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Ms. Mathewson's practice spans the full range of white collar criminal engagements. Criminal concerns loom large in a variety of settings, and Ms. Mathewson's clients benefit from her counsel in all of them – from compliance planning through to, when necessary, trial and appeal.

Ms. Mathewson has current and extensive experience trying complex white collar cases to verdict. Her careful preparation and well-honed communication skills ensure that her clients receive a thorough airing of their side of the story.

Ms. Mathewson is also well-known for her innovative analysis and advocacy skills, both oral and written, on complex legal issues. At the trial level, her clients benefit from her strategic use of motion practice to define the issues and narrow the government's options. At the appellate level, Ms. Mathewson's exceptional legal analysis combines with her knowledge of the trial process to produce focused, effective advocacy.

Sometimes a matter starts in the civil or administrative arena but raises the specter of criminal liability. Sometimes a criminal investigation spawns administrative enforcement efforts, licensure or debarment proceedings, or private civil suits. Balancing the competing concerns raised by such parallel proceedings requires multi-dimensional strategic thinking. Ms. Mathewson has the insight and experience required to guide clients through these – and other – legal minefields.

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