Recommended Resources

To assist clients and counsel in keeping apprised of developments in the fast-changing world of criminal law and policy, Ms. Mathewson recommends the following resources:

White Collar Crime Prof Blog: Edited by a law professor, this blog is an excellent source for news, analysis, and commentary about white collar crime-related case law, government policy statements, and more.

Sentencing Law and Policy: Another law professor blog, and another excellent source for news, analysis, and commentary; in this case, on sentencing issues.

SCOTUSblog: Contributors to this blog include practitioners and academics. In addition to reporting on the progress of cases before the Supreme Court, contributors analyze trends in the case law. Also see the companion SCOTUSwiki.

Third Circuit Blog: A blog written by the appellate specialists in Philadelphia's Office of the Federal Community Defender, reporting and analyzing criminal case law from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

U.S. Department of Justice Blog: Occasionally a source of insight into DOJ's prosecutorial priorities and its outlook on issues confronting the business community.

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